Aristocratic-style dining flows not only from the exceptional cuisine, but the courteous attendance during the meal as well. With excellent service and distinct attention to delicacy and detail, we are dedicated to provide the perfect dining experience for every occasion.

Lychee Chinese Restaurant 

› 25 luxury private rooms served by grand chef
› Authentic Huaiyang﹑Fujian and Guangdong cuisines
› Banquet specialties and local featured gourmet

Lychee Garden Lounge 

› 170 seats for delectable treat
› Classical Western dishes and freshly prepared seafood
› the exceptional East-west cuisines and buffet

Rainbow Bar  

› Exquisite wines, coffee and tea
› Well-chosen snacks
› Melodious musical performance

Jin Jiang Hall  

› Chinese and Western wedding ceremony
› Spacious room accommodate 400 guests
› Theme coffee breaks and cocktail party

Executive Lounge  

› Spectacular roof-garden view
› Delicate dim sums flavors Happy Hour
› The optimum venue for privileges

Room Service 

Phone 8199
24 hours extensive room service menu meet your meed for a fine-dining experience within the comfort and convenience of your room.